Bethany vidyalaya has been founded by Bethany congregation,whose founder is Archbishop Mar Ivanios, the servant of God, a great scholar and Educationist. The Bethany sisters of Trivandrum province shoulders the responsibilities of spreading the light of education by establishing Schools in various parts of the nation.  This thought continuously urged and pushed us forward to take another voyage to serve mankind and spread the light.   Life should shine in use “it is not to rust unfurnished”.  So we started our journey from Kerala and reached Borsi, Chattisgarh. On 16th April 1991we established a kindergarten school with the blessings and support of Raipur Diocese. The nursery classes were opened with lucky SEVEN STUDENTS and one teacher.  It was not an easy task for the sisters as the children were from different backgrounds and different financial conditions and environment, but the sisters shouldered the responsibilities of the mother as well as the teachers of the little kids.   When Bethany Vidyalaya was only infant, sisters had to face many hard and complex problems but now by the grace of God the progress that the school has made give us an optimistic picture of our school.  We have taken up this noble mission of imparting quality education to the children and provide them with a base to nurture their hidden talents with the motto of Wisdom, Faith and Purity.

All this was possible due to the sincere effort and cooperation of staff , parents and society.


A wish was granted – A dream fulfilled with the affiliation of Bethany Vidyalaya  to C.B.S.E Board on 1st of April 2002 and upgraded to   plus two levels.  It was a great achievement, a sweet fruit as a reward for the painstaking work of sisters.  The session 2003 – 2004 had a very significant role in the history of Bethany Vidyalaya for the first batch appeared for the XII C.B.S.E Board examination.

            This institution gives due importance to sports and games.  At present the school trains students in the field of Cricket, Football, Hockey and Table tennis.  Students are sent for divisional and state meets .  In the field of cultural and co-curricular activities our students bring laurels to the institutions. Our Students take part with full enthusiasm and interest In the competitions conducted by different agencies and also by the state. G.K Test , Inspire Award Science Exhibition in the State level , Silver Zone Olympiad Exam in Math’s ,Science, English ,  drawing and painting competitions, poster making competitions are some of the activities where our students have  bagged a number of prizes and brought laurel to the School.

The School aims at the all round development of the students.  Thus bringing character formation of the students than to mere academic qualification.  The noble minds believed that man is divine and he is the image and likeness of the creator.  The whole purpose of education is the unfolding of this belief, Teaching, Learning, Painting, Music, Dance and Drama all activities having only one purpose- the total realization of the personality.  At Bethany Vidyalaya we are driven by the belief that there is so much of God’s goodness in every man.  We let this goodness unfold in all its glory providing the right ambience for children to grow and shine.  We have Miles to go through rain and sunshine, but our goal is fixed. We thank God Almighty for the abundant blessings He has showered on this institution.   We hope that by the grace of God the school will go a long way more on its path of progress.

Now this Institution is in the Threshold of its Silver Jubilee year (2015-16).

There have been many changes as the school has grown and developed over the past quarter of a century and we pay tribute to all who have contributed to the Bethany Family story. Some of our founding staff are still here and we now have a growing number of past students who are successful in life as Doctors , engineers and govt officers.



Thank You

Indulekha Vijay